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Our Web Site

Currently our web site is undergoing a makeover. We ask that you pardon the inconvenience and check back for our updates. Thanks!

Ed's School of Dance

You may preview your images that were taken for Ed's School of Dance. Click here for more information and to be directed to the images.

Seniors 2017!

Seniors and Parents of seniors! That pecial year is upon us. Time to think about "Senior Portraits." Check out our Senior page for more information. THS Seniors and Parents we are the official yearbook and school composite photographers. We want to help make this year very special.

THS Graduation Photos

The THS Graduation is Saturday, May 13. Photos will be here for you to view. We pased out info at graduation practice. You may download an order form. You may come by the studio (Tue-Fri) Click here to see photos!.

THS Prom Photos

Prom photos are in. If you ordered (and paid) come by a pick them up! If you haven't paid, come in and finish ordering your prom photos.

NOC Graduation and Pinning Photos

The photos of you receiving your "diploma" and the nurses pinning photos are posted on the NOC web site at www.noc.edu/graduation-photos. Your image is posted as a 5x7 size suitable for printing. You may use your photo for personal use.

If you want your images to be professionally printed by us, or if you wish to purchase different sizes, or other items, please click here for more information.